Cheap GPS and Code Project Tutorial

Cheap GPS and Code Project Tutorial

January 28th, 2008  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  9 Comments

I came across a tutorial today on Code Project called “Mapping with a GPS and C#“. I then found this cheap usb GPS receiver on Amazon for $29. And so begins a new little project I would like to try out.

The NMEA 0183 Stream

What isn’t mentioned in the tutorial in any great depth is that NMEA stream coming from the reciever actually holds a lot more information than just the simple logitude and latitude of the reciever. Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • $GPAAM – Waypoint Arrival Alarm
  • $GPBOD – Bearing, Origin to Destination
  • $GPBWW – Bearing, Waypoint to Waypoint
  • $GPGGA – Global Positioning System Fix Data
  • $GPGLL – Geographic Position, Latitude/Longitude
  • $GPGSA – GPS DOP and Active Satellites
  • $GPGST – GPS Pseudorange Noise Statistics
  • $GPGSV – GPS Satellites in View
  • $GPHDG – Heading, Deviation & Variation
  • $GPHDT – Heading, True
  • $GPRMB – Recommended Minimum Navigation Information
  • $GPRMC – Recommended Minimum Specific GPS/TRANSIT Data
  • $GPRTE – Routes
  • $GPVTG – Track Made Good and Ground Speed
  • $GPWCV – Waypoint Closure Velocity
  • $GPWNC – Distance, Waypoint to Waypoint
  • $GPWPL – Waypoint Location
  • $GPXTE – Cross-Track Error, Measured
  • $GPXTR – Cross-Track Error, Dead Reckoning
  • $GPZDA – UTC Date/Time and Local Time Zone Offset
  • $GPZFO – UTC and Time from Origin Waypoint
  • $GPZTG – UTC and Time to Destination Waypoint

[via link and the complete list here]

So I was thinking about putting together a little bigger application together and utilizing more of the NMEA stream that would sync up with a website.

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