My toolbox: A little list of programming tools.

My toolbox: A little list of programming tools.

June 6th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

List of tools I use:


Resharper: Is one of those add-ins that once you start using it would be hard to give up – as it provides solutions to programming errors, helps out with refactoring, unit testing, code formatting and clean up. [link]
VisualSVN: You need a plug-in that connects your solution to some form of version control. I’ve always been a fan of Subversion [free] and VisualSVN helps me connect to it. AnkhSVN is also a great free alternative. I would also recommend that you check out Visual SVN Server as it allows you configure and manage Subversion for your whole team and it is free. [link]
GhostDoc: This free extension automatically generates your documentation comments for your code. A must. [link]
Clone Detective: This add-in tells you where you are repeating code. Very helpful but sometimes does not play well with others add-ins. [link]


Dundas: Best graphing framework on .NET period. Only negative is that it is not cheap but you can accomplish most stuff with ASP.NET Charting Controls. [link]
Virtual Earth: Fun control to use Virtual Earth. [link]
Telerik RadControls: Great controls and is a must but like Dundas is not cheap. [link]
ASP.Net Ajax Framework: A must if you are still doing web forms page. [link]
ASP.Net Ajax Toolkit: The bells and whistles for the framework. [link]

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