Contextual Valence Shifting

Contextual Valence Shifting

March 24th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

I have been reading up on Contextual Valence Shifting and I came across two interesting papers I thought I would share.

In a nutshell Valence Shifting helps determine if a given sentence has a positive or negative tone.

In addition to describing facts and events, texts often communicate information about the attitude of the writer or various participants towards an event being described. Salient clues about attitude are provided by the lexical choice of the writer but, as discussed below, the organization of the text also contributes critical information for attitude assessment.

Contextual Valence Shifters by Livia Polanyi and Annie Zaenen [pdf]
“I Can’t Recommend This Paper Highly Enough”: Valence-Shifted Sentences in Sentiment Classification by Logan Dillard

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